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Dr. Elliot McGucken Fine Art Landscape Nature Photography

About Dr. Elliot McGucken 

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Elliot McGucken's love for epic mythology pervades his photography, and though he left academia to pursue fine art photography, his greater odyssey retains its course--to serve with truth, beauty, and light.  His work celebrates the epic, Homeric scenery of the American West, and he oft favors panoramic aspect ratios which best capture its expansive grandeur.  Dr. E's fine art photography has received well over two billion views while garnering over 100 awards, including over 75 Epson International Pano Awards, and a Nature's Best National Parks Finalist award, making him one of the most-viewed and most-awarded photographers working today. 

As a picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps the photographer's most accurate biography--that which best captures the story arc of their life--is their ever-evolving body of photographic art.  Dr. E first picked up a Pentax 35mm film camera in his home town of Akron, Ohio, and found himself drawn to photographing the majestic vistas of Virginia Kendall Park and the Cuyahoga Valley National Parks system, where the glaciers had carved magnificent rock sculptures.  His father, a conservationist who had penned books and articles supporting the cleanup of the Great Lakes, imbued him with a love of the great outdoors, taking him and his sister on hikes every weekend, oft carrying them both up the bigger hills.  His mother, who had studied art and grown up painting, would paint large, abstract, impressionistic landscapes, thusly introducing the sight of canvases on easels and the magical scent of oils and turpentine into Dr. E's earliest memories.  As both his parents were professors, family vacations took him to every art museum up and down the East Coast, including NY's Metropolitan Museum of Art, where his parents had met.

Dr. E's work has been featured in regal publications including The Smithsonian Magazine, The National Parks Magazine, Nikon-Photo Magazine (N-Photo cover), The Grand Canyon Conservancy's Canyon Views, Nature's Best National Parks, Rizzoli's Los Angeles on Instagram, and numerous other fine print and online publications. 

McGucken is also the author of over a dozen books, conservationist, and award-winning Ph.D. physicist whose research on an artificial retina prosthesis is now helping restore sight to the blind.   He graduated cum laude in physics from Princeton University, and his award-winning Ph.D. dissertation at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, titled Multiple Unit Artificial Retina Chipset to Aid the Visually Impaired and Enhanced Holed-emitter CMOS Phototransistors, is now helping the blind see Dr. McGucken still writes books on physics, exploring the links between relativity and quantum mechanics in his Light, Time, Dimension Theory: dx4/dt=ic

He has also taught classes on the arts and technology, receiving kind feedback:

"I want to thank . . . Elliot McGucken, Ph.D. . . whose course The Hero's Odyssey in Artistic Entrepreneurship and Technology is an inspiring tribute to the relevance of classical ideals in our modern lives." --Jack Bogle, founder and former CEO of Wall Street's Vanguard Group. 

"Many thanks for the impressive work that you are doing. I look forward to keeping in touch and commend you on the innovative teaching you do." -William Ferriss, former Chair of the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA)

Over 100 of his fine art works hang throughout the UCLA Hospitals system, with many of them being donated.  One of his fine art pieces raised $8,000 for teen cancer research, and another donated photograph has become the hundred-foot mural in the Commander's Office at Edwards Air Force Base.

Dr. E is currently working on numerous photographic and book projects.

Follow Dr. E on IG @elliotmcgucken and FB @mcgucken.

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